A selection of pet portraits, animals around and about, and wild animals photographed at Terra Natura, Murcia.
Using a polarizing filter on the lens helps to cut through reflections. DSC1879 Resting on the pavement, Clovelly, North Devon. Polly
Alfie DSC3571 Hyena at Terra Natura, Murcia DSC3603-Edit
DSC3760 DSC3867 DSC3950 DSC3963
DSC3967 How to be neighbourly! Taken through glass, but with the lens right on the glass to eliminate reflections. DSC4006
DSC4008 DSC4814 DSC5751 DSC5756
Squirrel at La Mata near Torrevieja, Spain DSC5908 DSC5919 Abandoned iguana, Ciudad Quesada, Spain.
DSC6456 Mating damsel flies